Osteoapthy – That’s for backs isn’t it?!

Osteoapthy – That’s for backs isn’t it?!

Osteopathy – Thats for backs isn’t it?!  If only I had a £1 for every time I heard that!  People often like to complain about their various joint and muscle aches and pains.  Why they don’t go and see an Osteopath?  One conclusion is that they don’t know what Osteopaths do and how osteopathy could help them! Another is that they like being in pain and sharing that with their friends.  Commonly people think their GP can fix everything and seem disappointed when the GP’s solution to their pain is often a prescription for painkillers and to wait until things get better.

But what do you do when that pain drags on and starts to seriously impact on your daily living?  What do you do when prolonged pain is making going to work miserable?  What do you do when pain stops you from participating in that exercise class you like?

Visit and Osteopath!

Osteopaths are the WHOLE BODY joint and muscle specialists.  We do not just treat backs but yes many of our patients have back pain! Our training consists of at least a 3 year and in many cases 4 year Masters Degree level course. Our understanding of anatomy and what can go wrong with it is second to none.  Only individuals who have successfully completed an approved course can use the title ‘Osteopath’ and they must be registered with our regulatory body ‘The General Osteopathic Council’ in order to practice. So you see, when you visit an Osteopath you really are visiting a well-trained specialist.

How can an Osteopath help?

Osteopaths are trained ‘Detectives’. The clues from your case history together with our examination help us to identify the tissues that are causing the problem and enable us to design a treatment plan to get you moving again.  We use a variety of methods such as joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and soft tissue massage to facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanism with the aim of increasing mobility, increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation.  We get to the bottom of the pain rather than sticking a plaster on the top.

You will usually be given exercises to do at home and generally your injury or joint will be feeling a lot better, quicker than if you had done nothing at all to help the healing process.

Surely that is a good reason to visit an Osteopath and much better than ‘Putting up with the pain’.

Come and see me, Julie Boyd at Valere Osteopathy and let me ease your pain.  We are located between Muswell Hill N10 and East Finchley N2. Call 020 8444 6725, email info@valereosteopathy.co.uk or visit the website www.valereosteopathy.co.ukAt Valere Osteopathy and Naturopathy we take a holistic approach to healthcare that aims to assist your body in its natural self-healing process.

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