New Year New You – Don’t live with pain. Visiting a registered osteopath may help fix up the old you!

New Year New You – Don’t live with pain. Visiting a registered osteopath may help fix up the old you!

At the start of a new year many of us have resolutions to get fitter and healthier? These goals often fall by the wayside relatively quickly usually because they are unsustainable in the long term. By the end of January most people have given up and often this is because of an underlying problem that is causing pain.

Don’t live with pain! Fix up the old you!

Here’s a question for you. How about you give up on the get fitter, change your diet etc for a little while and fix up the old you?

Many of us are walking around suffering from various annoying pains. These could be a sore shoulder, stiff neck, sore back, painful knee etc. Consequently these problems often prevent us from pursuing physical activity to the extent that we would like. Hence those New Year resolutions may not be currently achievable. Maybe the problem you have is the reason you stopped going to that exercise class you liked in the first place!

How can an osteopath help?

Osteopaths are a regulated profession. We are now recognised by Public Health England as ‘Allied Health Professionals’ meaning we are qualified as a first line of approach professional for diagnosis and treatment of complaints that are related to your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons without the need for a GP referral. Osteopaths are trained in differential diagnosis and therefore will be able to tell if your complaint is appropriate to treat or whether they need to refer you to your GP for further tests.

Man with neck pain

Many of the conditions treated by osteopaths may be much improved after only a few treatments. As a result just a few visits to an osteopath may considerably improve your quality of life. To go along-side your hands-on treatment an osteopath will usually demonstrate a few exercises for you. The exercises prescribed will help you to continue improving between your appointments. In addition we take a full medical case history including diet and exercise habits and are qualified to give health promotion advice.

If you are struggling with a pain somewhere that is stopping you doing what you want to do why don’t you try a visit to an osteopath to see if they can help? This may be enough to prevent pain killers becoming a normal part of your life.

Make an appointment!

I am a registered osteopath. I see patients in my home based practice in Muswell Hill/ East Finchley at 25 Ringwood Avenue, N2 9NT.  Appointments are available most days. Please call 020 8444 6725 to make an appointment. Visit my website to see the sort of problems osteopaths can help with

Julie Boyd Registered Osteopath (GOsC 9209)

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